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Exhibitor information

Don´t hesitate to contact us if you can´t find the informaiton you are looking for

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  • Event Planner

    All your orders in one place

    Event Planner is the digital planning tool for exhibitors who have booked and will be exhibiting at Stockholmsmässan. Here you will find all the relevant information you'll need before, during and after the event, and all the tools such as our webshop, publishing tool, visitors registration system.

    Who can log in
    Anyone who is a contact person at your company in our systems can log in. Stand Builders and co-exhibitors can also use Event Planner but can not access our webshop. (Stand Builders can be added as a contact for you as main exhibitor. This means that the stand builder logs in as you and have access to everything. You'll add your stand builder as a contact person under Settings in Event Planner.)

    How to log in
    Use your e-mail address that is registered at Stockholmsmässan and follow the instructions. It's that easy!

    To Event Planner »

    Works on mobile phones and tablets too
    Event Planner is a responsive service, which means that it automatically adapts the look for the screen size of your mobile , tablet or computer . Note, however, that all is not fit to carry out on your mobile devices, the activities that are not mobile friendly is marked with an icon under the headline.

  • Expostart

    Services already included when you are exhibiting at Swedental

    Electrical outlet - An electrical outlet with multiple socket, 230V, 10A, max 2000W.

    Handling of goods:

    * Loading and unloading of your goods, within the fair grounds.

    ** Storage of empty packing We take care of your empty package during the fair. It will be picked up and delivered to your stand.

    Stand cleaning before day 1

    Exhibition insurance »

    * ** Must be booked in advance at:

  • FairMate Lead Tracking

    Effective follow-up is the key to a successful event and increased ROI, ”Return on Investment”.

    With the FairMate Lead Tracking-license you will have access to an effective tool to collect a complete profile of your visitors. With the help of your smartphone you scan the visitor’s badges and register their interest and requests. A simple and smooth handling allows you to focus on selling in your stand.

    First Lead Tracking-license is included with the cost for the Digital Stand and invoiced together with Expo Start.
    More licenses can easlily be added, log on to Event Planner to read more!

  • Shipping address

    Goods transported to an exhibition should be addressed to:

    Stockholmsmässan, Godsmottagningen
    “Company name”
    “Stand number”
    Parkeringsvägen 10
    SE-125 30 Älvsjö, Sweden

    (Postal address: Stockholmsmässan, SE- 125 80 Stockholm, Sweden)

    Incoming goods are unloaded and received at Goods Inwards. If goods arrive before the official move-in date, they will be placed in storage and the exhibitor will be invoiced for this cost according to the current price list. As soon as moving in is allowed, the goods will be moved into the exhibition hall.

    If you have any questions, please contact the Logistics Group,

  • Digital Stand

    Don’t miss the opportunity to fill out your digital stand! As well as submitting information about your company – you also get the possibility to submit unique fair offers and activities that you would like to promote during the event.

    This is included in the Digital Stand:

    • Company name and contact information. The name becomes visible and searchable through different search engines (such as Google), and through our own search tool provided on our webpages.

    • Your stand number becomes visible, provided with a link of a map of the building showing our visitors where your stand will be and how they can locate you.

    • Your various brands will be viewable and searchable, which will increase your company’s exposure and business opportunities. You can also submit and make yourself searchable by adding different product categories connected to your brand - by doing so our visitors can find you by searching within categories on our webpages.

    • Opportunity to submit different seminars and activities under our activity-program on the fairs webpage, as well as unique fair offers that you get to promote throughout the event.

    • You get to submit and publish several inspiring movies, pictures and press releases connected to your company.

    Price: Digital stand incl one FairMate Lead Tracking-license 2 090 SEK

  • Installation & dismantlig

    Official installation

    Monday, November 13: 07.00 - 20.00
    Tuesday, November 14, 07.00 - 22.00

    Between the hours 20.00 - 22.00, you can only enter and exit the premises through the main entrance. If you want to enter after 20:00 you need to contact the guard via the main entrance phone. Please note that you can not bring in any larger items, but it gives you as an exhibitor the opportunity to enter and work in your stand.

    On Tuesday you are allowed to work in your own stand until 22.00 but the aisles must be emptied at 16.00 when the aisle carpets are laid.


    Friday, November 17, 17.00 - 24.00
    Sathurday, November 18, 07.00 - 20.00

  • Partition walls

    Partitions against your stand neighbor is not included at Swedental. Order the partition before September 28 and get a 50% discount. After this date they will be charged according to the current pricelist.

    The partition walls are painted white and has the following dimensions; height 2.49 m, width 1.0 m, thickness approximately 34 mm. The walls can be painted in different colors and you can hang paintings and other light objects on them.

    Place your order in Event Planner »

  • Exhibitor badges

    Text is currently beeing updated

  • Create invitations to Swedental

    Text is currently beeing updated

  • Serving alcohol in your stand

    If you would like to serve beer, wine or spirits in your stand during the event you need to contact Mässrestauranger AB, who has the only liquor license valid on the premises.

    Mässrestauranger can provide chilled beverages, glasses, and staff to your stand. More information here »

    Contact Mässrestauranger via or +46 8 727 72 40